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        "bio": "<p>I joined Leicestershire Police in 1997 and have enjoyed a variety of roles across the County.<br />\n</p>\n<p>I have worked as a Sergeant in the City Centre for the last 6 years in Response and Neighbourhood Policing roles.</p>\n<p>I am now Deputy NPA Commander and am privileged to work with a great team of committed and enthusiastic people.</p>\n<p>We always try and listen to concerns then support and protect the City communities with a problem solving approach.  Please don?t hesitate to contact us with any issues or problems you may have.</p>",
        "contact_details": {},
        "name": "Andy Cooper",
        "rank": "Sgt"
        "bio":"<p>I am the Safer Neighbourhood Sergeant for the Cultural Quarter and recently joined the Neighbourhood Team at Mansfield House.</p>\n<p>I have been a police officer for 27 years and was promoted to Sergeant 14 years ago. Since then I have worked in a variety of roles in both the County and City my last role being at Euston Street managing resources and demand for the Response units based there. </p>\n<p>I am looking forward to policing the City Centre and will be responsible, along with my team for the Cultural Quarter so please contact myself with any issues that I can help with.<br />\n</p>",
        "contact_details": {},
        "name": "Andy Price",
        "rank": "Sgt"

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