Statistical data

The annual data requirement (ADR) is a list of all requests for data made to all police forces in England and Wales under the Home Secretary’s statutory powers and is used to report crime and policing related statistics.

A list of current data requirement publications can be found below:

Data Collection Frequency of collection
Homicide Annual
Recorded Crime & Outcomes Quarterly
Recorded Crime – Hate Crime Quarterly
Recorded Crime – Person Relationship collections for victims of sexual and violent crime Quarterly
Recorded Crime – Metal theft Quarterly
Recorded Crime – Domestic Abuse Annual
Online Crime Annual
Crime and Outcomes Quarterly
Stop and search Quarterly
Arrests Annual
Offences involving the use of firearms Quarterly
Use of PACE powers Annual
Best use of Police Stop and Search Annual
Use of knives & other sharp instruments Quarterly
Crimes involving Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Annual
Motoring Offences Annual
Penalty Notices for Disorder Quarterly / Annual
Breath Tests Annual
Issue of Firearm Certificates Annual
Setting up of cordons under the Terrorism Act Annual
Road Traffic Accidents: Casualties Annual
Number of incidents recorded through NSIR Quarterly
Drug seizures Annual
Performance Information and HMIC data Annual
Police Workforce Bi-annual
Police Detention under the Mental Health Act Annual
Domestic Violence Protection Orders (DVPOs) and Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (DVDS) Annual
Police complaints and related conduct statistics Quarterly + Annual
Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accounting (CIPFA) – financial and staffing Data Relating to all policing functions, costs and income Annual
Pre-charge bail Annual
Fraud, NFIB Outcomes Quarterly