Annual Data Requirement

The Government is committed to making police performance more transparent to the public. We are opening up data on police actions, and the vision is for to become the hub for all open police and criminal justice data. Since April 2014, the Home Office has made the following data available through

  • Police Recorded Crime and Police Outcomes.
  • Use of PACE powers for Stop and Search.

The Annual Data Requirement (ADR) is the statutory framework that sets out what information police forces in England and Wales must regularly provide. By making even more ADR information available on, we are further increasing police transparency and accountability at a national and local level.

Explanatory notes Last updated
101 Call Handling March 2015 Download
Crime Statistics, Focus on Violent Crime and Sexual Offences 2014-02-13 Download
Police Recorded Hate Crime 2013-12-17 Download
Police Recorded Crime – Metal Theft 2013-11-28 Download
Arrests 2014-04-03 Download
Offences involving use of Firearms 2014-07-17 Download
Knives and other sharp instruments 2014-07-17 Download
Motoring offences 2014-04-03 Download
Penalty notices for disorder 2014-08-14 Download
Breath tests 2014-04-03 Download
Setting up of cordons under the Terrorism Act 2000 2014-08-28 Download
Road traffic accidents 2014-08-07 Download
National Standard for Incident Recording 2014-07-17 Download
Drug seizures 2013-10-31 Download
Performance Information and HMIC data 2013-11-14 Download
User satisfaction March 2014 Download
Forensic Data 2014-04-15 Download
Failure to appear warrants 2014-08-14 Download
Police workforce data 2015-07-16 Download
Police complaints Q3 2013 Download
Uniform and equipment procurement costs data Q3 2015 Download
Forensic and other services procurement costs data Q1 2016 Download